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UKG April Release Newsflash

RABco Team
Posted by RABco Team on Apr 6, 2021 9:35:11 AM

                         There will be a brief window of down time within Kronos for maintenance.

                                                Date of release: Wednesday, 4/7/2021
                                                   Time: 11:30pm EST to 4:30am EST
If you are using Kronos as a Time and Labor Management system, no action if required from you to ensure punches are collected during this time. If you are punching from a physical clock, the clocks will not be affected. The punches will simply be stored in the clock until the maintenance window is over and then sent. If you are punching via a web hosted clock, user will be automatically redirected to an offline punch screen to record their time. Once the maintenance window is over, they will be sent.
                                               Release Announcement: New & improved
                                                   features within the Kronos system.
We are excited to announce the release of new/improved features within the Kronos system. Kronos is a leading provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions. Kronos industry-centric workforce applications are purpose-built for businesses, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and government agencies of all sizes. Tens of thousands of organizations — including half of the Fortune 1000® — and more than 40 million people in over 100 countries use Kronos every day.
Because of Kronos’s relentless focus on continual innovation to drive custom success, the system releases new or improved features on an every-other month basis. Below are a few of the exciting changes that are being released Wednesday, February 10th. Full versions of the release notes are also available.
   > Payroll 
 · CARES Act retention credits are extended into 2021: The system is updated to calculate the CARES Act retention credit into 2021. The calculation is based on the earnings and deductions in a pay statement.
 · FFCRA earnings types are extended into 2021: The system is updated to extend into 2021 the Earning Limit for the three FFCRA earnings types
 · Return to Payroll Prep page when back button is clicked from Check Payroll Totals page

   > Time & Labor Management 
 · Renamed My Clock to My Timesheet in Clock Widget: The Clock widget link to a user’s timesheet that was previously labeled as My Clock has been renamed to My Timesheet.
 · Timesheet Change Request: Added Require Comment – Previously, not all timesheet change request types had the option to require employees to add a comment when submitting a timesheet change request.
 · Time Off Workflows: Line Break Formatting in Workflow Questions - Previously for users who used one Question step with multiple questions and/or lists, the user’s formatting was ignored, and all questions/lists were formatted in one sentence. Going forward, questions configured in workflows will display properly with the intended format.
 · Timesheet Column Order Adjustments: In the Timesheet Profile, you can now move the order in which the columns show when viewing a timesheet


   > Human Resources Tools 
 · NEW!! California Pay Data Reporting: To assist our California customers in this process, we have created a new reporting page and form that can pull in your employee data which you can then use to create a download file. This file allows you to fine-tune your reporting numbers/codes and then electronically submit to the reporting agency via their website.
 · NEW!! Recruiting Workspace: The workspace is a new optional design to provide flexibility for managers and recruiters to perform their day to day activities efficiently by ensuring they can stay focused inside the workspace rather than navigating to multiple menu items to perform various tasks in the process of identifying a suitable applicant.
  · New Security Permission to Hire Custom Forms in Available Tab: A new security setting has been added that can hide custom forms on the Available tab unless the custom form has been assigned to the user. This solves the problem of sensitive custom forms being visible to all users who have access to custom forms


   > Global

 · Edit Toggle to Modify Dashboard widgets individually: You can now edit individual widgets on your dashboard versus only being able to edit the order they show up in.
 · NEW!! Company Hub Dashboard Layout Configuration: A new Dashboard Layout Configuration setting, Company Hub, gives companies a way to communicate and provide vital resources to their people. This option has been designed to deliver branded content to build unique company experiences. A single adaptable display pulls all your key organization-level information into one place for your employees. News feeds, embedded videos, and helpful links can communicate company standards, culture, and announcements.
 · Look & Feel: The new Teal theme is available in the Look & Feel (New UI) widget under Company Settings > Global Setup > Look & Feel > System Themes. When selected and saved, your header will change to the Teal color scheme. In that Start widget, any icons selected from the standard system icons will also display with the Teal color theming.


   > Scheduler
 · Added Swap Selected Shift Option to Schedule Screens: You now have the option to swap selected shifts when two shifts are selected. When you select two shifts, the pop-up will display a Swap Shifts option. This is helpful for managers who want to quickly switch shifts between two selected employees. The manager will be notified of any violations after the shift swap.
 · Display Assigned Time Off Colors in Schedule Views: You can now assign colors to time offs, which will make the time offs easily recognizable in any of the schedule views and Weekly Schedule. Under Company Settings > Global Setup > Time Offs, choose a color for each time off from the Time Off Color field.
Full versions of the release notes are below:

Payroll - click here
Time & Labor - click here
HR Tools - click here
Scheduler - click here  
Global - click here

We are here for you – if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to RABco Support at support@rabcopayroll.com.

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